Business and Hotel Management School Switzerland (BHMS)

Název Business and Hotel Management School Switzerland (BHMS)
Ulice Baseltrasse 57
PSČ CH-6003
Město Lucerne
Stát Švýcarsko
Telefon +41 41 248 7070
Typ školy univerzita
Certifikát školy ECTS, DS

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Ideal Location in the Heart of Luzern City The BHMS campus buildings and student residences are located in the heart of the beautiful city of Luzern, within walking-distance from each other and from the city center itself. Living and studying in the heart of this unique city enable students to enjoy the urban qualities as well as the charm and exclusivity of Luzern. Full Speed Bachelor of Arts Degree BHMS (together with The Robert Gordon University) has designed one of the fastest track BA Degrees in Switzerland without compromising its educational quality. At BHMS, students can achieve a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management in 18 months of study plus an 18-month paid internship period. A similar education in another Swiss hotel management school would require 24 months of study plus a 12 month internship period. This gives BHMS graduates an advantage of studying 6 months less while gaining 6 additional months of paid work experience in Switzerland. Unique 5-Week Term System BHMS has implemented a unique system of education by dividing a 20-week semester into four mini-terms of 5 weeks each. This system enables students to focus on only 3 to 4 academic subjects at a time instead of the usual 8-10 subjects as in other Swiss hotel schools. As a result, BHMS students are able to complete 12-14 academic subjects within a 6 month period without overloading them. Guaranteed Internship & Graduate Placement Industry training is an integral part of the study program at BHMS. During every academic year, students are required to carry out a 4-6 month industry training period in a hotel or a restaurant approved by BHMS. In addition, BHMS works with numerous international placement agencies that specialize in placing graduate students in Europe, Asia and North America. A Career and Placement Counselor assists students with placements in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and abroad.

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Studijní programy

Název studijního programu Typ studia Forma studia Jazyk studia
Culinary Arts Bakalářské
English Preparation (3 months) Jiné Angličtina
Global Business Management Bakalářské
Navazující magisterské
Prezenční Angličtina
Hotel and Hospitality Management Bakalářské
Navazující magisterské
Prezenční Angličtina
International Hospitality Business Management Navazující magisterské Angličtina
Summer Course for high school students (2 weeks) Jiné Angličtina

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